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I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, fitness instructor, and creator of Lauren Daly Fitness (LDF). Here you’ll find workouts, recipes, and SO much more to support your healthy, fit lifestyle!

Once Upon a Workout

Once Upon a Workout

Once upon a time, there was a maiden who dreamed of a magical place where all of her fitness dreams would come true.

A place where it didn’t matter what she looked like, or where she came from.

Where it didn’t matter if she was young, or old, or owned expensive workout leggings. 

A place where it didn’t matter if her only friends were mice, or birds, or a dog that had been turned into a footman.

She dreamed of a place where she would be accepted.

A place filled with workouts, and recipes, and ideas to help her create the life she had always dreamed of.

A place where she had the freedom to express herself, be it through song, or dance, or a choreographed musical number.

A place where she would be encouraged not only to dream, but to go out and make her dreams come true.

So, with a little help from the mice, the birds, and her Fitness Fairy Godmother, her dream was transformed into Once Upon a Workout, the place where fitness dreams come true.

The End.

Cinderella's Squat Challenge

Cinderella's Squat Challenge