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5 Easy Self Care Ideas

5 Easy Self Care Ideas

Let’s talk about self care.

I know it’s this hot, trendy topic that evvvvveryone’s talking about right now, but I don’t care, because no matter how many people are talking about it, I know that 99% of us, myself included, still aren’t making self care as much of a priority as it should be.

Recently I’ve been becoming a lot more intentional with my self care habits. I’m not talking about getting a 90 minute massage every week (even though that does sound amazing, and could become a part of my routine in the future); I’m just talking about intentionally setting aside time every week- ideally every day- to do something that brings me joy. I’m talking about setting aside time, even if it’s just 15 minutes, to do something that just makes me happy.

When was the last time you did something just because it makes you happy?

Hopefully you can remember- hopefully it wasn’t like five years ago- but if not, that’s okay, because we are gonna fix that today.

One thing that’s helped me make self care a bigger priority is dedicating Sundays to self care. I mean, it literally could’ve been any other day of the week, but I think Self Care Sunday sounds cute, and it’s the first day of the week, so that’s why I picked it. Some other options:

  • Me Time Monday

  • Take Care Tuesday

  • Wellness Wednesday

  • Thriving Thursday

  • Free Time Friday

  • And none for Gretchen Weiners bye.

So, I’m not necessarily blocking out my entire day on Sunday, but I am intentionally creating the space in my schedule- whether it’s a few minutes or a couple hours- to do the things that make me happy. Self care is different for everyone, and what makes you feel happy and joyful might make someone else feel stressed out and constipated, and that’s kind of the beauty of it. You get to decide what’s right for you.

For me, self care can mean going for a walk and listening to a podcast, getting a massage, or sometimes it’s just sitting on my butt and doing absolutely NOTHING for 15 minutes. You get to decide what works for you, and whether or not it works for someone else doesn’t really matter, because this is one thing that is ALL. ABOUT. YOU.

So, if you’re just getting started with self care, and you need some ideas, I’m here to help!

Step 1: Choose your dedicated self care day (see above for catchy name ideas).

Step 2: Put it on your calendar.

Step 3: Make the necessary arrangements to make sure that you can enjoy your time off without any interruptions (put on your auto-responder, schedule a dog walker, call the babysitter, whatever you need to do, do it).

Okay, so this is the most fun part: deciding what you’re going to do! You probably already have a few things in mind, but if you need some ideas, here are five easy, affordable self care ideas:

5 easy self care ideas to try this weekend.png
  1. Binge a podcast & go for a walk. A few of my favorites are The Skinny Confidential, The Model Health Show, and Dirty John.

  2. Make spa water and do a face mask. Here’s an easy recipe for citrus spa water:

    • 10 oz water

    • 1 slice lemon

    • 1 slice lime

    • 2 slices orange

    • Ice cubes

    • Add all the ingredients to a glass. Let the water infuse for 10-15 minutes. Stir, and drink up!

  3. Go to a park & read a book. I did this recently, and it was surprisingly relaxing.

  4. Pop some popcorn & watch a Disney movie. Or better yet, grab some Boom Chicka Pop (I loveee the sweet and salty kettle corn or whatever it’s called), wrap yourself in a fuzzy blanket, and then watch a Disney movie.

  5. Workout. There are lots of free workouts on my YouTube channel, like this 10 minute cardio boxing workout. I also love this 30 minute HIIT workout from Popsugar.

These are just a few of my favorite self care rituals, and of course, the options are limitless. If you have a self care ritual that you swear by, or try one from the list, let me know on Instagram @laurendalyfitness!

Talk to you soon!


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